Age category, hill size and distances roller skis/ski tunnel

Boys YOUTH I                         HS54               2003-2005               5km/5km

Boys open international      HS32                2006-2007               3km/3km

Girls YOUTH I                         HS54                2003-2005               3km/3km

Girls YOUTH II                        HS54                2000-2002                5km/5km

Girls open international       HS32                2006-2007               3km/3km

Unfortunately we are not organizing YOUTH II Boys due to delay of HS 100 reconstruction works.

Competition format

Fri 4.8.2017 Individual gundersen HS32/HS54 trial round + 1 competition round + ski tunnel

Sat 5.8.2017 Individual gundersen HS32/HS54 trial round + 1 competition round + roller skiing

5 km 15 pts per minute

3 km 20 pts per minute

Competition area map


Competition office

In the ski tunnel reception. Open every on every day at 9-18. Tel. 0444148812. 

From the ski tunnel reception you will get:

the roller skis for testing

the number bibs for the ski tunnel race on Fri at 14:00-14:45.

Payment of expenses, accommodation and transportation

The organizer provides accommodation and meals for three (3) nights 3rd – 6th Aug for athletes of the competitions as follows:

Per nation 3 girls + 3 boys athletes

Athletes accommodation, some photos: hotel rooms 2-4 persons

Competition is available for every athletes under the age group mentioned.

According to FIS rules all competitors must have a FIS code EXCEPTION: 2006-2007 born athletes!

For athletes, team officials, parents and other staff who are not in the allotment of organizer compensation the price is:

78 euros/person/night with full board in 2-4 pers. hotel rooms or Chalets-apartments (min. 3 pers./Chalets)

62 euros/person/night 6-14 yrs with full board in 2-4 pers. hotel rooms or Chalets-apartments (min. 3 pers./Chalets.

Price without meals are 140 euros/night/apartment 2-4 persons Chalets.  Photos from Chalets

Price incl. use ski jumping hills, ski tunnel, roller ski tracks, gym and hotel sauna.

Please contact the sales office of Vuokatti Sport Institute: or +35886191500


Roller skis offered by organizer. Inform the binding used – NNN or SNS. Helmet is mandatory. Glasses and protectors (for elbows and knees) are recommend.

Attn! All the athletes will use roller skis. Inline roller skates are not available.


To the ski tunnel athletes need own skating skis. It is possible to rent skis. Please contact in advance if needed.

Ski jumping skis/suits (see youth cup rules)

Skis: Ski length max. 140% of the body height and no BMI rule.

Suits: Number of parts is not limited; the design (cut) of the suit is not limited. Suit must be fitted to the body 


All athletes have to be insured through their national ski federations.

The organizer is not responsible for any personal injuries or damage to property that might occur.

All participants must have an adequate insurance cover against accidents, illness and civil liability

Doping Control

Doping control may be carried out at any FIS competition according to FIS Anti-Doping Rules.

Competition rules

The competitions will be held in compliance with FIS Competition Rules for Youth Cup.

Race Office

Race office is located in the ski tunnel

Opening hours: every day at 9-18.

Team Captains Meeting

Thu 3rd Aug at 18:45 in the Iso-Pölly auditorium

Ski waxing

There will be common waxing rooms available at the Vuokatti Sport Institute. Every team will get their small cabin for equipments; skijumping suits, skis etc.

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