Event schedule

29th Jan – 1st Jan Arrival

2nd Feb Official training BT

3rd Feb BT Sprint at 11:00

4th Feb BT Individual at 10:00

5th Feb  no competitions

6th Feb CC Middle (F) at 10:00

7th Feb  no competitions

8th Feb sprint at 10:00

On Fri 9th Feb the courses and tracks are following:

Category Distance Laps

Sitting women 12 km 4 x 3 km

Sitting men 15km 5 x 3 km

Standing women & VI women 15 km 5 x 3 km

Standing men & VI men 21 km 7 x 3 km

Two tracks will be set on “ideal lines”, no tracks to sharp turns. Grooming in the night and tracks open 8.00 am.

During the sitting races sit ski course and stadium closed for standing & VI skiers.

Beach saunas (one for ladies, one for men) reserved for coaches / team officials / University researchers/IPC officials between 5.00 pm. to 7.00 pm. Prize giving ceremonies at the restaurant at 8:00 pm.

10th Feb Departure of the delegations

Photo: Viestintäpalvelu Heidi Lehikoinen



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