Vuokatti is situated in Kainuu province, in Sotkamo region. The nearest city, Kajaani, is only 35 km away from Vuokatti, and Helsinki is 570 km away. Nearest airport, railway station and car rental are located in Kajaani.

Youth Cup Vuokatti 2017 will be held at Vuokatti Sports Institute.

Add. Opistontie 4, 88610 Vuokatti, Finland.

All the competition facilities; ski jumping hills, ski tunnel and roller ski tracks are located at Vuokatti Sports Institute area. Ski stadium is just 1 min walking distance from all the event hotels.

NOTE! Participants are responsibile for their own transportation between airport, railwaystation, hotels and competition venue etc.

By plane

The fastest way to reach Vuokatti from Helsinki is by plane. The airport is situated 40 km away from Vuokatti and there is a bus connection from the airport to the resort. Flights from Helsinki to Kajaani take around 1 hour 20 min.

Other option is to use Oulu or Kuopio airport instead fo Kajaani. It takes 2 - 2,5 hours from Oulu or Kuopio airport (200 km) by car to Vuokatti.


Airport shuttle timetable (airbus)

By train

The nearest train station is located in Kajaani. Daily several trains arrive from different destinations, and most of them conveniently correspond with the local bus timetables. It takes about 6 hours to get to Kajaani from Helsinki by train.

Excellent connections from Helsinki airport to Tikkurila railwaystation

Ring Rail line is a new rail link that links long distance rail travel with air transport. Long distance travellers from the north and east can transfer at the new Tikkurila Travel Centre from where they can reach the airport by train in 8 minutes. Read more: Ring Rail Line

From the airport there´s also a shuttle bus at ten minutes interval to the nearest railwaystation Tikkurila. The bus takes about twenty minutes. More information at the airport info board.

Railway services (VR)

By bus

Long-distance and city buses bring passengers straight to Vuokatti. The bus ride from Kajaani to Vuokatti takes just about 30 minutes.

Bus services (Matkahuolto)

By car

Travelling by car is safe and easy as the roads in Finland are well maintained and the traffic volumes are low. The distance to Vuokatti from the capital of Helsinki by car is about 570 km, and from Oulu, "the capital of Northern Finland", 190 km.

Guests can also use rent-a-car or taxi services to reach Vuokatti. Taxi service phone in the area is +358 600 398 200.

Car rental: Hertz, Scandia Rent, Avis, Europcar

Approximate travel times and distances:

• From Helsinki to Kajaani (600 km):

By plane: 1 hour 20 min

By car: 6-8 hours

By train 6-7 hours

By bus 9 hours

• From Oulu airport (200 km) by car 2-2,5 hours to Vuokatti

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